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Mindy Kaling shares 1st photo of son in honor of his 1st birthday

The "Never Have I Ever" creator secretly welcomed her son last year during the pandemic.
/ Source: TODAY

Mindy Kaling just gave the world the first glimpse of her son, Spencer, who recently celebrated his first birthday.

The “Never Have I Ever” creator, 42, shared a sweet Instagram photo of Spencer looking up at a huge bunch of balloons.

“Friday was my son Spencer’s first birthday,” Kaling wrote in the caption. “My daughter Kit is pretty cautious with new people. Not this guy. If you happen to make eye contact with Spencer, he lights up like you are old war buddies and he makes a beeline to you. I had Spencer during Covid and it was a strange isolated time, but the instant I saw him I knew he would make everything better. And he did! Happy birthday, Spike!”

Kaling welcomed Spencer last September, revealing his birth in a surprise announcement after concealing her pregnancy during the pandemic. She also has a 2-year-old daughter, Katherine, aka Kit.

The “Office” alum said she was able to keep her second pregnancy a complete secret last year thanks to so many in-person events going virtual during the pandemic.

"With him, I would occasionally have meetings. So from here up, I would have to look nice, but I was just kind of like pregnant, and no one saw,” she said on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna last October. “And I just thought, 'What if I could get away with this?'"

The actor and writer also kept her pregnancy with Kit largely under the radar. She did confirm to TODAY in 2017 that she was expecting, but she did not post any photos of her daughter for months after she was born.

“People say, ‘Did you even have a baby?’ Kaling joked to TODAY in 2018. “I’m keeping her under wraps for now. I would kill someone who said anything about her.”

Since then, Kaling has only rarely shared photos of her children, including one cute Instagram picture of Kit this past Mother’s Day.

“Sometimes being a mom is just agreeing to watch Cars again with your daughter (who knows that Lightning McQueen makes it to the Piston Cup at the end but still can’t handle the anticipation), and somehow it’s more fun than anything else you could be doing. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!” the mom of two wrote in the caption.

Kaling also opened up to TODAY last year about how Kit reacted to baby Spencer’s arrival.

"She was very suspicious and worried about him at the beginning," she told Jenna. "Because I think in her mind, she thought that he would come out as a 2-year-old. She kept saying like, 'I'm really worried about my toys.' And then when she saw that he was just like this helpless, little, adorable blob, but like not that interested in toys at all, she's like, 'Oh, I love this guy.'"