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'Bachelor' alum Michelle Money says daughter is 'going to be OK' after brain trauma

Her 15-year-old daughter was seriously injured following a skateboarding accident last month.
/ Source: TODAY

Michelle Money shared some good news on her Instagram yesterday saying that her daughter, Brielle, 15, who suffered serious brain trauma after a skateboarding accident last month is off the ventilator and "going to be ok."

The "Bachelor in Paradise" alumna posted an update thanking friends, family and fans for their prayers and support and shared a video of herself speaking directly to the camera.

"Please watch this entire video," Money wrote in her post. "I need you guys to know how grateful I am for each and every one of you. I need to take a break from social media to allow myself to be fully in tune with my daughter and her needs. She is going to be just fine! We are going to get thru this! I just feel strongly that I need to honor Brielle and her privacy right now. When and if she wants to share her powerful story- she will. And I will be there to support her either way. Love you all so much!" Money added the hashtag #BrielleStrong to the end of her post in honor of her daughter.

"I am so grateful for you guys," Money, 39, said in the video as she teared up. "Your prayers and your energy and your concern for her will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be forgotten," she said.

Brielle had been admitted to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City after her accident, where she was placed in a medically induced coma. The teen was on life support and underwent surgery to remove fluid from her brain. Money who also appeared on season 15 of "The Bachelor" in 2011, said she regretted not making her daughter wear a helmet and wished she had been a "parent first, friend second" to her daughter.

Money went on to explain why she decided to take a break from social media.

"As her mom, I just feel this overwhelming need to just be present with her during this next chapter in her life," she said. "This is not my story to tell. This is her story. And I think, as a 15-year-old, who has just gone through something so traumatic, it does not feel in alignment for me to be sharing any more. I can tell you that she is going to be OK."

Money elaborated on Brielle's condition in her Instagram story, saying that doctors had removed Brielle's breathing tube.

"You guys she's got her neck brace off, she's off the ventilator, she is off of most of her drugs," Money said. "She is a fighter. She's moving."

During an electroencephalogram or EEG test that Brielle underwent to detect brain wave abnormalities, small discs were pasted to her scalp. Money said in her stories that she spent all night combing the EEG glue out of Brielle's hair, using coconut oil and other products.

Michelle Money's ex-husband, Ryan Money, also posted an update about Brielle on Instagram.

"Can’t wait to have her driving us around again..." he captioned a video of his daughter driving a car during Christmastime. "Brielle has had some huge improvements in the last 24hrs," he wrote.

Ryan Money posted another video to Instagram showing Brielle's progress.

"SO MUCH PROGRESS!!!" he captioned the video of his daughter moving her hand. "Brielle, we are so proud of you! For her to start moving made us all cry..."

Ryan Money said in his most recent post that Brielle could be moved out of the intensive care unit soon and that he knows how lucky she is.

"She is definitely being watched over and blessed in all of this."