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Michelle Money's ex says their daughter is talking again after accident

Brielle, 15, is now talking and eating food after a skateboarding accident last month.
/ Source: TODAY

Michelle Money's daughter, Brielle, is talking and eating two weeks after she was placed in a medically induced coma after a skateboarding accident.

The former "Bachelor" contestant's ex Ryan Money shared an update Monday about their 15-year-old daughter on Instagram. The teenager ate her first meal in over two weeks, which included yogurt and some Powerade, he said.

"We moved to the NTU and Brielle has come in guns a blazin. Pretty sure that we can confidently say that her personality has not changed," Ryan Money wrote. "48 hours ago we had not heard her talk....and now this. When FaceTiming Ashley and the kids, Ash asked her if I was entertaining her and she said, 'He's driving me crazy.'

"She also wants 'coconut redbull', 'Diet Coke' and 'Ben & Jerry's ice cream' pretty bad," he added.

Brielle suffered serious brain trauma after a skateboarding accident in late March. The teen was on life support and underwent surgery to remove fluid from her brain.

Money, who appeared on season 15 of "The Bachelor" in 2011, said she regretted not making her daughter wear a helmet and wished she had been a "parent first, friend second" to Brielle.

Brielle showed signs of improvement last week when she was taken off a ventilator. In her father's latest update, he called the progress she has made "nothing short of a miracle."

"She is recognizing many people in the photos that are up in her room. To think back about all the questions we had about her and the extent of her injuries, this helps us know some important things," Ryan Money wrote. "We are definitely not out of the woods yet on all of this, but to hear her talk, make symmetrical expressions, eat, and move all of her extremities in physical therapy is HUGE and literally nothing short of a miracle."