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Nicole Phelps pumps at husband Michael's gala, shuts down critics

When you gotta pump, you gotta pump, even at a fancy party.
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If making a stand for fellow mothers was an Olympic event, Nicole Phelps just took home the gold medal.

The wife of Olympian Michael Phelps took to Instagram Tuesday to respond to critics offended by a story she had posted on the social media platform earlier about pumping breast milk for her three-month-old son Beckett at a gala benefiting her husband's foundation.

In the picture taken at the May 20 Michael Phelps Foundation dinner, the gorgeous mom showed off both her enormous heart and a hands-free pump sticking out of her sequined black evening gown.

"Motherhood is one of the most incredible experiences and being able to breastfeed is a gift," Phelps captioned her pic.

She further explained that it was the longest Beckett had gone without being breastfed since he was born, and that the only way she could attend the important function was to use a milk runner to provide for him.

"Some won’t agree with where I did this and even worse if I was sitting there with Beckett nursing people might judge me," she wrote. But breastfeeding is NATURAL. I have to admit there were times at the Olympics I was feeding (first son) Boomer in the stands."

Boomer turned two earlier this month.

"I want it to be known women don’t have to hide in a bathroom to take a moment to provide our babies with food. We should be able to, without judgment nurse/pump (easier with a wireless pump) anywhere we’re comfortable..."