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Michael Phelps' son, Boomer, wears 'team daddy' Olympic outfit

Michael Phelps' 3-month-old son, Boomer Phelps, is stealing the spotlight in Rio.
/ Source: TODAY

Michael Phelps is making some serious Olympic waves in Rio — racking up his 21st gold medal — but his baby boy, Boomer Phelps, is giving him a serious swim for his money in the cuteness department.

The precious 3-month-old is already verified on Instagram (that must be some sort of record, right?), and is sending our hearts into overdrive with his adorable Team USA style that's worthy of a gold medal itself.

Last night, Boomer showed off his ultrapatriotic red, white, and blue pants and shiny metallic gold shoes — an ensemble that captures the spirit of Olympic dreams.

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"Way to go daddy!!!!" reads the cheerful Instagram caption, with the hilarious hashtag "#pantsonfleek."

But the look wasn't complete without a nod to his all-star dad. Boomer also modeled a white onesie, emblazoned with a smiley face and the words "Team Daddy" — in case anyone's in doubt about who his favorite Olympian is.

With all of this Olympic hoopla, the tyke couldn't help but get tuckered out, and took some time out from his busy schedule to get some much-needed beauty sleep (napping in those stands is not easy).

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He even made sure to get decked out in an adorable Team USA onesie, featuring the Phelps logo, while catching some z's.

Hey, you would be tired, too, if you were your dad's No. 1 cheerleader.

In the meantime, we'll be looking out for more Boomer style from the stands and waiting for our favorite little guy to be awarded a well-deserved gold medal for Olympics fashion.