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This Michael Bublé video is making parents cry as kids go back to school

Don't just grab the tissues — make sure to take the entire box.
/ Source: TODAY

Michael Bublé is bringing parents everywhere to tears as they send their kids back to school.

The video for Bublé’s song “Forever Now” was released back in March, but is generating some serious buzz now because of its sweet message.

The clip, which features no people, centers on a child’s bedroom as it undergoes changes over the years. It opens with an empty room filled with boxes before a crib and other baby furniture fill it out.

"I just met you, seems like yesterday,” Bublé, whose son was diagnosed with liver cancer when he was 3, sings as the song begins. “You opened up your eyes and I recognized your face. You know that you're the one that we've been waiting for; we're going to keep you safe."

We see the room as it is transformed by a bed, while toys are spread on the floor and items like a desk, a bike, a backpack, a laundry basket, balls, a computer and a TV make their way into it, with the message coming across loud and clear: A child grew up in this room.

"I'm always gonna lift you up. No, I'm never going to let you down. No matter what you do I'm forever proud of you. I'll love you forever now,” Bublé sings in the chorus.

As the video draws to a close, moving boxes once again fill the room as it becomes empty once more before turning back into a nursery, the implication that another child will live there.

The clip has caught fire as kids return to school.

"I can’t sit through forever now by Michael bublé w out bawling my eyes out:) goody," one person wrote on Twitter.

"So my mom sent me this and now I'm ugly crying cause I miss her and my kids are growing up," commented another fan.

Go ahead and give it a watch for yourself. We dare you to get through it with dry eyes.