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Michael Bublé's son, 6, makes surprise appearance during parents' livestream

The couple's oldest son revealed about his favorite thing about the weekend and what he wants to be when he grows up.
/ Source: Today

Michael Bublé and wife Luisana Lopilato had a surprising special guest during their latest Instagram Live stream: their 6-year-old son, Noah. In 2016, Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer at 3 years old. Fortunately, he's since gone into remission.

On Friday, Bublé, with Lopilato beside him, started off his regular Q&A session with fans by talking about how the days are all blending together for his family of five.

"The only difference for us ... is that on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, the kids get to sleep in our bed," he laughed.

As he and Lopilato were revealing their special weekend tradition, they spotted Noah waiting off-camera.

"That makes you happy?" the father of three asked Noah before inviting him on screen. "You can come and say hi. You're always welcome, dude."

Bublé's oldest child found a spot on his mom's lap and asked his dad to sing and play a toy electric guitar for viewers. So the Grammy winner launched into the chorus of Shawn Mendes' and Camila Cabello’s hit, “Señorita.”

Bublé and Lopilato then asked their son what his favorite part about Fridays is.

“I get candy,” Noah said.

“No, you don’t get candy,” his dad replied.

With some prompting from his parents, Noah got the right answer eventually.

“Because I get to sleep in your bed!” he said.

Throughout the Instagram Live, Noah went in and out of frame while his parents answered questions from fans. Bublé later revealed a fun fact about his son.

“You know what he wants to be when he grows up?" the singer asked viewers. "Not an actor, not a singer. He wants to swim with sharks. So this is our superhero. We have two other superheroes, but this boy ... He is the biggest inspiration for us.”

Bublé and his wife have been open about their son’s journey with cancer over the past few years.

In an interview with an Australian morning show in 2018, the singer revealed what life was like in the days after Noah's diagnosis.

"There were a million times that my wife and I were just surviving, struggling to survive, and to breathe," he said. “I much rather would have it have been me. Many times I wish that it had been."

That same year, Bublé reflected on the overall experience to an Irish radio station.

“I’ve been through a lot," he said. "One of the things about going through something that my family has been through is that it gives you great perspective, and one of those points of perspective is that it really allows you to appreciate the good things."

In addition to Noah, Bublé and Lopilato have a son, Elias, 4, and daughter, Vida, who will be 2 in July.