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NY Mets offer to take prom photos with teen fan — but there's a catch

When she realized she didn’t have a date, she turned to the New York Mets for help.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

A teen girl who is a huge baseball fan is hoping for her very own field of dreams: She wants to take her prom photos with the New York Mets, at their home field. Now it's up to Twitter to make her dream come true.

Callie Shaye Quinn, 17, attends as many games as possible and catches the rest on TV. Her middle name is a nod to Shea Stadium, the former name of the team's home. She roots for them whether they’re winning or not.

Callie's love for the Mets “literally knows no bounds,” she told “I love them so much.”

Superfan from birth: Callie Shaye Quinn attending a Mets game as a baby at the old Shea Stadium. Her parents love the New York Mets so much, her middle name is in honor of the team's former stadium.Callie Quinn

So when the Staten Island high school senior noticed that her friends were getting prom dates, her mind turned, as it often does, to her beloved team. Not wanting to be the only one without a date during prom photos on May 25, she asked the team through a private Twitter message last week to send a player to stand beside her.

“I realized that I didn’t have a date and so I thought I should reach out and be like, ‘Hey guys, what can you do to fix this?’” Callie said. “I didn’t want to be the only one of my friends taking pictures by myself, and also it would be super cool to have somebody I watch on TV every night at my house.”

Callie Quinn at her home away from home, Citi Field, in August.courtesy of Callie Quinn

To her delight, the team replied. Since the Mets are on the road on the night of Callie’s prom, the team offered her the chance to pose on Citi Field for prom photos a week before her big night with a few players IF she got 500,000 retweets of her request on Twitter. Game on!

Screenshots of Callie Quinn's private Twitter conversation with the New York Mets, which led to her effort to win 500,000 retweets.Callie Quinn

On Friday, Callie was off and running, asking friends and family and Twitter to help her reach her goal. Her mission took off like one of Noah Syndergaard’s flaming fastballs, and within days, she’d surpassed the halfway point.

“As I was typing it out, I was like this is a really big number,” Callie recalled on Tuesday morning. “There’s no way I’m going to reach it. But now I’m at 317,000. I never thought it would come this far.”

Callie Quinn poses with the likeness of her favorite player, Noah Syndergaard, in April 2016.courtesy of Callie Quinn

She’s been scoring those coveted RTs with help from tweeters in high places, from the world of sports and entertainment. She’s gotten RTs from Mets players including Syndergaard, the pitching ace who is Callie’s favorite player, and fellow pitcher Jerry Blevins; actors William Shatner and Donnie Wahlberg and the Mets themselves, along with mascots Mr. and Mrs. Met.

The team confirmed that if Callie gets her RTs, she can pose on the field with players and attend the game on May 18. The Mets even supplied a catchy hashtag: #CalliesMetsProm.

“We feel we have the most passionate fan base in baseball and this is just another example of that,” a team spokesman told TODAY. “It was a unique offer and it gave us an opportunity to engage with someone who’s such a passionate Mets fan. We’re optimistic she’ll reach her goal and we’re looking forward to connecting with her down the road.”

Callie says she was surprised — and thrilled — that the team wrote her back.

“This is a million times better than prom, but I’d never tell anybody in my school that,” she joked.

Callie Quinn at Citi Field in August. Her middle name, Shaye, in a nod to the team's former home, Shea Stadium.courtesy of Callie Quinn

Callie says she’s excited to get dressed up and wear her prom gown early to the ballpark. “I would be looking forward to meeting some of them and realizing that they actually know who I am, and being in a place that’s been like a home to me,” she said.

Callie imagines she’ll wear a royal blue gown, one of the Mets colors.

“I hope I look really good,” she says. “I want to look good for my fake prom night.”

Callie Quinn at Citi Field in August with a statue of former Mets manager Casey Stengel.Callie Quinn

Callie is still not sure if she’ll take a date to the prom. Her sports smarts, she fears, might ruffle some boys' feathers. “I feel like a lot of guys don’t like being shown up by a girl about baseball,” she says.

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