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Meghan Trainor says it was her 'mission' to get pregnant in quarantine

The singer said that she and her husband decided now was the best time to try for a baby. "I was like, 'We're going to get this done.'"
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Daryl Sabara and Meghan Trainor at an event in Santa Monica, California, in 2019. The two are expecting their first baby. Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Meghan Trainor revealed that her quarantine pregnancy was all part of the plan while she and husband Daryl Sabara were isolated during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I was doing the test and tracking with all the apps," the singer, 26, told Kelly Clarkson on "The Kelly Clarkson Show." "I was like, 'We're going to get this done, we're doing to do it.' I was so excited. So that was a mission."

Trainor announced her pregnancy during a virtual appearance on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna on Oct. 7. While Clarkson was initially shocked by Trainor's timing, she said that it seemed like a great time since Trainor, like many musicians, isn't performing at the moment.

"That was my thought," Trainor agreed. "I was like, 'We're stuck here, let's do the thing we've always wanted to do. Let's make a baby.'"

That wasn't the only dream Trainor was able to achieve during quarantine.

"We did that, and then I did a Christmas album, because I was home with my studio and brothers. They produced and wrote like half these songs with me, all the originals," Trainor said. "It was awesome. It was a fun time. All my early weird pregnancy feelings, I was singing this whole Christmas album."

Trainor told Clarkson that doing a Christmas album has always been "the dream."

"I am Christmas," she joked. "My birthday is December 22, my wedding was on that day as well."

During their chat last month, Trainor joked with Hoda and Jenna that she considered her little one to be a collaborator of sorts on the new record.

"It's like our first album together," she said at the time. "It's really cute."

Now, the mom-to-be couldn't be happier.

"You're so happy right now!" Clarkson told her during their conversation.

"I'm so happy I'm glowing!" Trainor said.