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Meghan Trainor posted new photos of her baby, and he's dad Daryl's mini-me

Baby Riley definitely got his looks from his handsome dad.
/ Source: TODAY

Daddy's little twin!

Meghan Trainor's son Riley looks more and more like his dad, Daryl Sabara with each passing day, and the new mom just posted even more proof of their resemblance.

The 27-year-old shared a series of photos of her little guy on Thursday, and it's almost shocking how much he reminds us of Sabara.

Baby Riley more like baby spy kid. Fans can't get over how much Meghan Trainor's baby boy looks like dad Daryl Sabara.
Baby Riley more like baby spy kid. Fans can't get over how much Meghan Trainor's baby boy looks like dad Daryl Sabara. meghan_trainor / Instagram, Getty Images

In the first photo, the singer embraces the 5-month-old and gives him a big kiss as he appears to push her face away. "Already tryna pull away from my smothering kisses 😘," she captioned the post.

The second shot shows a wide-eyed Riley staring at the camera as his mom gives him another smooch and he looks like the spitting image of his father, who shot to fame in the "Spy Kids" film series.

Riley seems to have found his reflection in the mirror in the third photo, and has a slight grin on his face when he realizes it. In the last photo, the handsome guy shows off his round cheeks and fuzzy hair and there's no denying where he got his boyish good looks.

Trainor's fans marveled at the resemblance in the comments section and one called Riley "Baby spy kid." Another wrote, "He looks just like his daddy 😍." One Instagram user chimed in with a comedic comment, writing "Honey I shrunk the Daryl."

Still, another fan couldn't help but notice that Riley has also inherited some traits from his mom. "Aww ☺️ Dad’s twin but with your eyes."

This is hardly the first time that the couple's fans have suggested that Riley is taking after his dad. Back in April, Trainor shared a video of the newborn that left her fans in awe of the resemblance.

"My heart! Baby Riley is 2 months old today and smiling more than ever!” she wrote at the time.

The singer has been sharing plenty of updates on her first child over the past few months and posted an adorable video of Riley making a noise that sounds like "I love you" last month.

In June, Trainor opened up about her son's scary birth and revealed that he didn't cry when he initially came out.

"I was like, ‘Why isn’t he crying?’ Then they told me he was having breathing issues. It was terrifying,” she told TODAY Parents.

After being born by C-section, Riley was sent to the neonatal intensive care unit and started using a feeding tube.

“I got to see him for one second before they took him away. That was probably the worst part,” the new mom said. “It was definitely a rough start. But we’re so lucky we got to bring him home after five days.”