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At 6 months old, Meghan Trainor's son looks like dad more than ever

Good looks run in the family!
/ Source: TODAY

The resemblance is uncanny!

Meghan Trainor's 6-month-old son, Riley, is most definitely his father Daryl Sabara's mini-me, and the proud mom just posted further proof of that.

On Thursday, the singer shared a series of photos of her adorable baby boy and it's hard not to crack a smile as you scroll through them.

In the first one, Riley sits in a heart-shaped container and flashes a subtle smile for the camera as he rocks a knitted cap with ears on it.

The second snapshot shows the baby boy beaming with joy as he lies down on what appears to be a plush rug.

Come on, how cute is he?meghan_trainor / Instagram

In another photo, Riley sits in a tiny wicker container with a shy expression on his face.

Another winning snapshot!meghan_trainor / Instagram

Trainor, 27, added a comedic caption to her post that many moms can relate to, writing, "I’ve become a baby photographer….he’s gonna kill me when he’s a teenager hahaha but COME ONNNN 🥺😭😍💖."

Many of the singer's fans agree that Riley looks like his dad, but a few also said they saw some of Trainor in him, too.

"Literally your eyes 😍😍😍😍" one wrote.

Plenty of celebrities also chimed in in the comments section to share their love for the cute photos.

"This Is Us" star (and new mom) Mandy Moore wrote, "Stop it!!!!! 💓💓💓💓💓."

Matthew Koma, a musician who's married to Hilary Duff, commented "Oh. My. God."

Musician Nikki Yanofsky also weighed in, writing, "I was not ready for this level of cuteness omg 🥺😍🥺😍🥺😍🥺🥺."

Ever since Trainor and Sabara welcomed their first child in February, the couple's fans have been quick to suggest that Riley looks just like his father. Last month, the singer posted the following photo of her son and we couldn't help but agree that Riley is totally his dad's lookalike.

Fans can't get over how much Meghan Trainor's baby boy looks like dad Daryl Sabara. meghan_trainor / Instagram, Getty Images

A video that Trainor posted in April also had her fans in awe of the father-son resemblance.

Whether you think Riley looks more like his mom or dad, you have to admit: he’s one adorable kid!