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Meghan Trainor is utterly confused by pregnancy fruit comparisons

The singer is wondering just what grapefruits and pomegranates have to do with her unborn son.
/ Source: TODAY

Meghan Trainor is tracking her unborn baby’s growth progress with a week-by-week fruit comparison app. And like many expectant moms, she’s utterly confused by how the measurements work.

“I’m a pomegranate which doesn’t make sense,” Trainor told E! News. “Last week I was bigger. I was a grapefruit.”

Dr. Sue West, who is vice president and interim department chief for women's health at Spectrum Health in Michigan, understands Trainor's confusion.

"The fruit comparison generally is used to describe the size of the uterus and not the size of the baby growing within the uterus," she told TODAY Parents, noting that the comparisons should "not be taken too seriously as they are just a guide."

The singer, 26, and her husband, Daryl Sabara, will welcome their first child together, a boy, in early 2021.

Though Trainor has had an easy pregnancy — as she told E! “I’ve been super lucky” — Sabara won't let her lift a finger.

“My husband spoils me. I’m really spoiled rotten,” Trainor gushed to Haute Living last week. “I got a foot massage last night and he makes me breakfast every morning.”

At the moment she’s craving pancakes over poached eggs.

“I’ve always been… a salty girl, (but) for some reason, I’ve transformed into this woman who needs sweets,” Trainor revealed.

Trainor announced her pregnancy during a surprise visit to TODAY with Hoda and Jenna last month.

“You’ve always wanted to be a mom!” Hoda exclaimed.

Trainor recalled how she told Hoda when she was 19 that she wanted to be a mom.

“It finally happened and we’re so excited!" Trainor gushed.

During her visit to TODAY, Trainor also opened up about her holiday album, “A Very Trainor Christmas.”

She told Hoda and Jenna that she had been carrying the baby while in the recording studio.

“It’s like our first album together,” she said. “It’s really cute.”