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Meghan McCain thought her miscarriage was a sign she wasn't meant to be a mom

"The View" co-host experienced a pregnancy loss in 2019.
/ Source: TODAY

When Meghan McCain experienced a miscarriage in 2019, she wondered if it was a sign that she wasn’t meant for motherhood.

To help her make sense of it all, "The View" co-host turned to her father, the late Senator John McCain, for guidance.

“I just feel like my dad’s in heaven and I find comfort in praying and asking him for advice,” McCain told People. “I was like, ‘Please make this decision for me… because I’m OK with being able to have kids or not being able to have kids, I just want to have some kind of resolution.’”

Shortly after that chat, McCain learned she was pregnant — and in Sept. 2020, she and husband Ben Domenech welcomed their daughter, Liberty.

“I can’t believe how much I like motherhood, honestly,” McCain revealed. “I feel like the universe is laughing at me, because I was so scared of having kids and so reluctant and so on the fence about it. Even when I was pregnant I was like, ‘I don’t know, we’ll see how this goes.’”

McCain noted that Liberty is helping her to cope with the loss of Sen. McCain, who died after a battle with brain cancer in August 2018.

“It makes me feel really connected to my dad in a way, because this pure love that I had for him I thought I was never going to experience it again and I feel it with Liberty, but like on acid,” she said. “It’s like everything I loved about my dad. But he was imperfect and she’s just perfect.”

Of course, parenthood isn’t without its challenges.

“There’s moments where you’re up all night and she’s spiting up on me, I’m exhausted and she’s crying and it’s intense,” McCain explained. “But it’s so worth it.”