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Meghan McCain models plus-size clothes, opens up about post-baby body

The "View" cohost — who had daughter, Liberty, eight months — explains why she is not focused on losing extra weight right now.

Meghan McCain is opening up about her post-pregnancy body, eight months after welcoming her daughter, Liberty.

“Ever since I had Liberty, my body changed, just like every woman who has a baby. And I went up a full size. I haven’t lost the weight yet, and I don’t even know if I’m planning to,” the “View” co-host revealed on her Instagram stories. “I just feel like everything in my body moved around. Like everything is in a different place and everything feels different.”

McCain, who shares Liberty with husband Ben Domenech, noted that she plans to enjoy restaurants with loved ones as states lift COVID-19 constrictions.

“I just feel like after this horrible year we’ve all had, and of course I want to be healthy — and I am — but I also want to go out and drink and eat and celebrate life with my friends,” McCain, 36, explained. “I feel like focusing on losing extra weight is just not the mental headspace I’m in right now.”

McCain is having fun shopping for her size 14 body, thanks to E!’s Nina Parker, who launched a plus-size clothing line at Macy’s last month.

On Tuesday, McCain posted clips of herself modeling several pieces from Parker’s colorful collection.

“I’m going to be wearing all of this. I just wanted to thank Nina for sending it to me,” Meghan gushed. “Honestly, I’ve just had such a hard time buying clothes and finding clothes recently. This is incredible, and it’s body inclusive. I’m just really happy. This is not an ad! I’m not being paid to say this. This is just really well done.”

Parker understands the struggle. In 2020, the "Nightly Pop" host designed her own Oscar gown due to the lack of plus-size options. Shortly after, the wheels began turning.

“I started putting outfits together on my own. I would take things off of one shoe and put it onto another. Cut a shirt up; take it to the tailor; expand the back,” Parker told Variety in earlier this month. “Eventually I realized, ‘I should be doing this for everybody.’”