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Meghan Markle criticized (again) for the way she holds baby Archie

The parenting police were concerned about Archie's safety, but a pediatrician says he was comfortable and secure.
/ Source: TODAY

Self-appointed parenting experts are taking Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to task for the way she wears baby Archie.

In new photos, Meghan, 38, is seen carrying 8-month-old Archie in an infant carrier while walking her two dogs on Vancouver Island.

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“The right hand strap is falling off her shoulder. Archie is NOT strapped in securely. Unsafe. Someone please teach her before an accident happens,” wrote one person.

“Please someone show Meghan how a baby carrier is used correctly before poor little Archie drops out,” pleaded another.

Another troll called the picture “flat out scary.”

But Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, a board-certified pediatrician, says Archie appears to be safe and comfortable, as he dozes on his mom’s chest.

“Ideally, you want to make sure that the straps are tight and secure,” the author and creator of Pediatrician in your Pocket told TODAY Parents. “But Meghan has her arm wrapped around Archie and she’s holding him tight. If he were upset, he'd be flailing or crying and there's no sign of that."

Trachtenberg urges critics to remember that a picture is just a snapshot in time.

"We don't know how long he'd been in that position," she explained.

Last summer, Meghan was shamed for how she held Archie at a polo match, with many people on social media accusing her of not properly supporting the child's head and neck. But Trachtenberg disagreed, telling TODAY Parents at the time, “You want to make sure the baby is secure and that’s exactly what Meghan was doing.”

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