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Meet 'Postman Mike,' one 4-year-old boy's hero

/ Source: TODAY

It’s not your typical partnership: a postman, a boy and a whole lot of packages to be delivered.

Each day, 4-year-old Carson Lawson waits with anticipation for the arrival of his mailman, Mike Crenshaw, who Lawson simply calls ‘Postman Mike.’

"We just hit it off," Crenshaw, who has been the family’s mailman for approximately nine months, told NBC’s Kerry Sanders. "You never know who you're going to become friends with."

The exuberant pair works together to deliver not only letters around the neighborhood, but also first-class smiles to many on the route. Lawson even outfits himself in a uniform similar to Crenshaw's.

"I think it's really sweet because it's not a celebrity, it's not a pop star,” Lawson's mother Cassie told Sanders. “It's just your average guy who has a seemingly regular job.”

When Crenshaw’s coworkers heard of the unconventional but inspiring relationship, they invited Lawson to the post office to see the inner workings of the mail industry. During his visit, he learned how mail was delivered, got to witness the thrilling process of sorting mail and more.

"When you're a child, so much of life is more magical," Lawson's mother said.