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Meet the Ohio quadruplets who are all starting their freshman year at Yale

TODAY got an exclusive look as the remarkable Wade quadruplets - Zach, Aaron, Nick and Nigel - began their freshman year at Yale University.
/ Source: TODAY

The remarkable journey of the Wade quadruplets begins a new chapter as they start their freshman year at Yale University.

TODAY got an exclusive look Wednesday as Zach, Aaron, Nick and Nigel Wade settled into life in the Ivy League after all deciding to attend the same prestigious university.

"Although we are a support group for each other if we need to be, we also came to Yale to kind of find our own personalities, our own group,'' Nigel told NBC's Thomas Roberts.

The quadruplets from Liberty Township, Ohio, appeared on TODAY in April when it was revealed that they all had the impressive distinction of being accepted to Harvard and Yale, not to mention other top schools like Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Duke, Cornell and Georgetown.

Born four minutes apart from one another, the brothers decided to stick together when it came to college, announcing in May that they would all be future Bulldogs and make New Haven, Connecticut, their home for the next four years.

There were 32,900 applicants for the Yale Class of 2021, and the Wades were four of 2,272 accepted, according to the Yale website. The 1,550 incoming students make it the largest freshman class in Yale history.

The friendly atmosphere and enticing financial aid package put Yale at the top of the brothers' list.

"We knew that Yale was kinda the place for us,'' Nigel said. "The sense of community that we felt was unlike any other."

However, just because they attend the same school together doesn't mean they're joined at the hip.

"We see each other in passing,'' Aaron said.

"We'll, like, acknowledge each other's presence,'' Nick said.

Each brother lives in a different residence hall, marking the first time they have ever lived apart. All four also have different majors, with Nigel pursuing neuroscience, Aaron majoring in artificial intelligence, Zach going with chemical engineering, and Nick studying international relations.

They each have their own quirks, whether it's Aaron's propensity for starting group texts or Nigel being the most likely to lose his dorm key.

The start of their Yale tenure also means that their proud parents, Kim and Darren Wade, are now empty-nesters.

"They have each other,'' Kim told Roberts. "There's a unit here, so I feel good about it."

"I'm just happy they're out, man,'' Darren joked. "The goal was to get 'em out. If they're in an Ivy League school, that's just icing on the cake."

The Wade brothers are actually the second set of quadruplets to attend Yale since 2010, following in the footsteps of Kenny, Martina, Ray and Carol Crouch from nearby Danbury, Connecticut.

As they embark on this next journey, they couldn't imagine not doing it together.

"Honestly, at this point kind of no,'' Nigel said. "Because we've already integrated into the Yale community, as individuals but also as brothers."

"Looking back I'm kind of glad we decided to go the same place,'' Nigel said.

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