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Mamma mia! Maya Rudolph returned to 'Inherent Vice' set four days after having baby

Maya Rudolph

Never doubt Maya Rudolph's work ethic: Four days after giving birth to her fourth child with partner and director Paul Thomas Anderson, she was back on the set of his latest movie, "Inherent Vice."

"We ended up reshooting some of my stuff," she explained on TODAY Tuesday. "I was perfect — it wasn't me — but we changed the location and ... we ended up shooting it four days after I had our baby. Four days! ... I'm not kidding."

Thus far, Rudolph has had two of the couple's children while Anderson was off making movies, so the fact that they were working together on "Vice" presented a unique opportunity. 

"It was actually really nice to sort of play dress-up and go to work together," she said. "When you're watching someone do what they do so well, it really is such a pleasure, and Paul is such an incredible director."

And a smart one. By having Rudolph in the film with him, Anderson knew exactly how to track her down for those reshoots. "He knew he could get me to do it," she said. "Those are the things you do for people that you love. ... Obviously, it felt like a family affair."

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