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May the 4th be with you! See 22 of TODAY's littlest Star Wars fans

Celebrate Star Wars Day with these little Jedis in training.
/ Source: TODAY

The force is strong with these ones!

In honor of Star Wars Day (that's "May the 4th" for the uninitiated), we asked fans of our TODAY Parents page on Facebook to share their favorite images of their little Padawans decked out in their finest galactic fashions. And by the four moons, the results couldn't have been more glorious.

Check out these cuties and be sure to like our Facebook page or join our Parenting Community to get in on the fun.

1. Luke Skywalker and R2D2.

Kristin Sullins Deaton

2. "May the"

Amy Bruce-Stevens

3. Chewbacca, Yoda, and a storm trooper.

Melissa Martin Evans

4. In training.

Christina Marie Martinez

5. Galactic family.

Amber Freeman-Webster

6. "Fear is the path to the dark side."

Margarita Baldeo

7. "Patience you must have..."

Ellie Apland

8. Obi Wan, R3D5, Luke Skywalker, Baby Ewok, and Princess Leia.

Kim Smith

9. Darth Brooklyn. With bunny slippers.

Daryl Ayala

10. "Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?"

Angela Chris White

11. "It's a trap!"

Anna Sforza Bonilla

12. It's a family thing.

Stephanie Stevens

13. "You can't win, Darth."

Amy Bruce-Stevens

14. "Together, we can rule the galaxy as mother and son."

Jennifer Mulligan-Sundman

15. "I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan."

Valerie Stewart

16. The Force is strong with this guy.

Lindsey Tiwari

17. "General Grievous, you're shorter than I expected."

Kaitlin King

18. "No. I am your Father."

Jaymie Campbell

19. "I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee."

Cara Gallegos

20. The teeniest, tiniest R2D2.

Amy Ross

21. Galaxy of brotherly love?

Chrystal Parvin

22. Anakin and his faithful droid.

Erin McLeod