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See kid crash parent's live interview, get dragged off by older sister

Masha Gessen believes their children were inspired by "BBC Dad."
/ Source: TODAY

For months, journalists have been juggling full-time jobs while keeping tabs on their kids. It’s a terrible and unpreditable situation. But it has made for some pretty entertaining TV moments.

The New Yorker’s Masha Gessen is the latest to enjoy internet fame after their daughter, Yolka, 18, and son, Senya, 8, crashed an MSNBC interview on Sunday.

“I suspect from watching the footage, there may have been a little bit of advanced planning,” Gessen, 53, told TODAY Parents. Though Gessen isn’t certain, they have a hunch that Yolka and Senya were inspired by Professor Robert Kelly, who became known as “BCC Dad” in 2017, when his kids barged in on a live TV spot.

“Their choreography seemed a little too perfect,” Gessen said.

In the clip, that’s circulating on Twitter, Gessen is discussing their new book “Surviving Autocracy,” when Senya makes a dramatic entrance by waving his arms around. Seconds later, Yolka comes flying down the stairs and drags her brother away. Gessen remains remarkably cool throughout the ordeal and never loses their focus.

“I like how kid 2 effortlessly jumps down 4 steps. She looked like a superhero or something,” one person tweeted.

Added another, “So comforting when the rest of us see ‘real life’ disrupt intelligent discussion.”

Gessen, who is getting a kick out of the comments, told TODAY Parents they were particularly impressed with Yolka's "cool ninja move."

"That wasn't in the Kelly video," they noted.

Earlier this month, a BBC News expert’s daughter hilariously crashed her interview. In June, Jenna Bush Hager’s daughter Mila, 7, interrupted TODAY with Hoda & Jenna after she had a fight with her sister, Poppy, 4.