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Martina McBride reveals mom's death in beautiful post: 'She took good care of us'

The country singer said her "complex and amazing" mother died following an emergency surgery on her heart. "I wish it had ended differently," she wrote.
/ Source: TODAY

Martina McBride has revealed that her mother, Jeanne, has died after undergoing emergency heart surgery.

The country singer shared the news Friday on her Instagram page.

“My mom passed away this morning. She was a complex and amazing woman. Strong. Chic. No-nonsense. Hilarious. Witty,” she captioned the post alongside a carousel of photos featuring her as a child with her mother. “She had the prettiest hair and skin and hands...I loved her hands. She took good care of us. Our house was always the house where all the aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered, and she was really the reason for that.”

McBride, 53, said her mother instilled good values in all her children.

"She made her 4 kids self sufficient, told us to go outside and play, gave us chores to do and taught us how to work,” she wrote. “She wasn’t one to smother you with affection, do your homework for you, or attend every ballgame, but we always knew she was there for us. As we all got older we had many conversations about life, faith, morals, health, and the importance of getting your beauty sleep.”

The singer also fondly recalled her mother’s humor and talent in the kitchen.

“She’d start every phone call or message with ‘Martina. This is your mother.’ She loved to laugh and to tell stories to get a laugh. And even though she told me in the hospital that she wasn’t ‘an enthusiastic cook’ she made the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted.”

McBride also chronicled the final few days of her mother’s life.

“I spent the last week with her in ICU, with my dad, my brothers, and my sister, and a fantastic and caring team of doctors who went above and beyond to try and get her to a place where her heart would sustain her,” she wrote. “During that week I held her hand, rubbed her shoulders, stroked her face, told her I loved her and she told me she loved me. Even though I wish it had ended differently I wouldn’t have traded that time with her for anything. So now we try and move forward without our matriarch. And somehow, in time, we will. Because she taught us how to be strong. I love you Mom. 1/10/20.”

Fellow artists expressed their condolences.

“Love and strength,” wrote Trisha Yearwood.

"What a beautiful tribute to your extraordinary mom. She raised one hell of a daughter, that’s for sure. I love you, Martina," Faith Hill commented.

McBride’s news came after a tweet last week in which she said her mother was dealing with some health issues and underwent surgery.

"I’ve been absent on social media because I’ve spent the past week with my family surrounding my mom with love 24/7 in a Kansas hospital following her emergency heart surgery,” she wrote. “She’s a fighter and one of the strongest women I know but she could use your prayers please. Thank you.”