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'Married at First Sight' couple post touching tribute 1 year after miscarriage

One year after Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner revealed Otis had a miscarriage, the "Married at First Sight" couple posted a touching tribute in remembrance of their son.
/ Source: TODAY

One year after Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner made the heartbreaking announcement that Otis suffered a miscarriage with their first child, the "Married at First Sight" couple posted a touching tribute in remembrance of their son.

In a post on Instagram, Otis, 31, shared a picture of them holding their son Johnathan, who was delivered after just 17 weeks and was too small to survive outside the womb.

"He was only here with us for a short time, but he'll always be in our hearts!" Otis wrote.

The couple planted a tree in their yard so that "every day we can see it, watch it grow, and be reminded of him,'' Otis wrote. She then posted a photo of herself and Hehner remembering their son in front of the tree.

"I swore to myself, to my hubby, to God, to my baby boy, and to ANYONE who would listen that I'd never let him just be forgotten,'' she wrote.

In January, Otis announced she was pregnant again, and in April she revealed that it will be a girl due in August.

Otis was a contestant on the 16th season of "The Bachelor" in 2012 and then met Hehner, 36, at the altar when they married in 2014 on the FYI reality series "Married at First Sight." They also starred in the spinoff "Married at First Sight: The First Year."

Following what they called a cringe-worthy wedding day, the couple told TODAY in 2015 that they soon fell in love. In July 2016, the couple celebrated two years together and announced on TODAY that they were having a baby. A week later, Otis made the heartbreaking announcement she had suffered a miscarriage four months into her pregnancy.

Otis wrote an emotional blog post at the time about losing the baby.

"I know he is up in heaven and I am sure he is bouncing on clouds, but selfishly I wish he was still bouncing in my belly,'' she wrote. "I’ll never get to see this Angel again on earth. He was given to us so graciously by God, and then God took him away way too early. My heart hurts so bad. Losing our baby has been the most terrible experience. I wish no one would ever have to endure this."

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