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Booger! Watch the Maroon 5 song parody that'll have you reaching for a tissue

Come and give Mama some sugar... but please, not your boogers. That's the message behind one mom's funny Maroon 5 song parody.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

In her newest parody, "Booger," YouTube star Deva Dalporto takes on one of the grosser sides of parenthood, as she sings about nose-picking and snot-wiping to the tune of the Maroon 5 hit "Sugar."

“Your boogers — just please, don’t wipe your snot on me. The tissues that you need — use them, not my tee,” Dalporto sings while covered in fake snot that the mother-of-two says is the product of a homemade slime recipe perfected by her husband, Gabe, and their kids.

Dalporto, who blogs at MyLifeSuckers, told TODAY Parents that, like all kids, her own children find potty humor and snot talk to be hysterical. And, while Dalporto says the idea for the parody came primarily from her own feelings about being used as a tissue by her children, she also wanted to up the gross factor and make the child fans of her YouTube channel laugh.

“We recently went out of town for spring break and during the trip we got stopped by several kids who told us they were MyLifeSuckers fans! One girl came up to us at the aquarium and asked for a photo and said she was a big fan and it suddenly dawned on me, ‘Wow, kids are really watching,’” said Dalporto.

Dalporto lives near San Francisco, California with her family, and often involves neighbors and community members in her videos. Booger is no exception — filled with images of neighborhood kids picking their noses and Dalporto’s mom friends dancing while covered in snot. The blogger says this shoot was one of the most fun shoots yet, crediting the gross factor for lots of laughs.

“I was laughing so hard as we were filming this video. I could barely contain myself as the kids were digging for gold again and again. Add boogers and everything just gets that much more fun!”

Want a little more sugar, a little less booger? Enjoy the original here: