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Mark Wahlberg's daughter gives him an adorable quarantine makeover

The superstar had plenty of fun teasing his youngest child while she did his nails and applied makeup.
/ Source: TODAY

Working out isn’t the only way Mark Wahlberg keeps himself looking good.

The notoriously buff star posted a video on his Instagram page Monday night capturing daughter Grace giving him a manicure while their family is quarantined.

The Oscar-nominated actor didn't caption the video, electing instead to simply use the hashtag #quarantine.

"You're painting my hand," an exasperated Wahlberg said while Grace, 10, applied nail polish on his fingernails. "OK, so, 15 days into quarantine now. I'm getting pedicures and manicures and apparently a full makeup. She's got her whole kit there. Um, and yeah, this is what's happening now."

The “Spenser Confidential” star shared more of his makeover on his Instagram stories.

"I don't know if you're gonna have a career in this," he told Grace while she continued to paint his nails.

"I'm only good at makeup. So, your makeup is gonna be on fleek,” she replied, her vernacular confusing her father.

“On fleek? What’s fleek?” Wahlberg, 48, who has three other children with wife Rhea Durham, asked.

After both hands were completed — in different colors — the "Daddy's Home" actor looked at them in mock disdain.

"This is a hack job," he said. "Are you good at this? Have you ever done this before? Oh, my God!"

Grace then tried her hand at applying makeup to his face.

"What the heck are you doing?" Wahlberg asked.

“I’m doing horrible makeup,” she responded.

"I thought you said you were good at makeup?” Wahlberg said, while continuing to feign anger. “All right, that's enough."

Considering social distancing guidelines have been extended through April 30, we have a feeling Grace will have lots of time to practice giving her dad even more makeovers.