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Mark Wahlberg reveals which of his 4 kids is ‘most like’ him and shares his work ethic

The "Father Stu" star says this one of his children "does not mess around" when it comes to pursuing her passion.

Mark Wahlberg is already seeing signs in his teenage daughter of the tireless work ethic that made him a Hollywood star.

The actor shared how Grace, 13, is becoming his mini-me as she pursues her own passion.

"She works out now. She’s an equestrian. She now wants to go up in meters and to be a Grand Prix Jumper. She’s got to train,” Wahlberg told People.

He called Grace the one of his four children who is "most like" him. Wahlberg also shares daughter Ella, 19, and sons Michael, 17, and Brendan, 14, with wife Rhea Durham.

Mark Wahlberg family
Mark Wahlberg says his daughter Grace (next to him) shares his strong work ethic.@markwahlberg via Instagram

“She’s doing things that my other kids are kind of now starting to think, ‘Well, we’ve got to start doing something because she’s got it all figured out, what she wants to do and how she wants to do it,'” he said. “And she’s doing the work.”

Wahlberg, 52, is known for rising well before dawn to work out before he starts his day. Grace isn't quite to the 4 a.m. workouts yet, but she's moving in that direction.

“I called her this morning at like 10 o’clock," Wahlberg said. "I wanted to catch her before she left to go to the barn. She was already at the barn on the horse. So she’s she’s got my work ethic, for sure.

“She does not mess around. If you even think about getting her there late or missing something, it’s a big problem.”

They don't just act alike, either. Last year, Wahlberg shared an old photo of himself with long hair next to a picture of a young Grace to show their striking resemblance.

Grace also has her dad's mannerisms and slogans down cold. An Instagram video from April showed her doing a funny impression of him modeling his fitness clothing line and encouraging fans to "stay prayed up."