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Is 'Star Wars' for girls, too? A Jedi responds to mom's tweet

When a mom tweeted for help convincing her daughter that 'Star Wars' isn't just for boys, she got an answer from a real expert.
/ Source: TODAY

Author N.J. Simmonds recently found her 7-year-old daughter crying at bedtime. Her daughter told her she was distressed because she really wanted to wear her "Star Wars" T-shirt to school, but she was afraid that her classmates might make fun of her for liking "boy stuff."

Simmonds lives abroad, she told Romper, where "Star Wars" themed clothing is always in the boys' sections of shops. Her daughter's only reference to the movie is watching it with her father and a few boys who like to play "Star Wars" on the playground at school.

"Therefore, when she decided to wear her T-shirt to school, she was nervous about what her girl friends would say, as she'd never seen her friends wear 'Star Wars' clothes," she said.

So Simmonds did what any parent in 2018 would do: She turned to Twitter and asked for help reassuring her daughter that "Star Wars" is just as much for girls as it is for boys.

The Jedis of Twitter came through for Simmonds. Her request was retweeted over 51,000 times, and she received almost 9,000 comments, many of them from ardent female "Star Wars" fans or other parents.

One commenter, Keri Bean (Twitter handle @PlanetaryKeri), sent Simmonds a picture of herself dressed up as the "Star Wars" character Rey.

And in a move that's true to form, Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker himself, stepped in with a tweet to help.

Simmonds said her daughter was convinced. "She's now talking about wearing [her 'Star Wars' T-shirt] with pride alongside her unicorn trousers because she can see there are plenty of other 'Star Wars' girls out there," she tweeted.

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May the Force be with her, always!