It's official: The most stressful year of marriage is...

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Many Couples Struggle in Fifth Year of Marriage: Study

If you got married about three years ago, you might be experiencing the best year of your marriage right now.

According to a new survey of 2,000 married folks, the third year of marriage is the best. UK family law firm Slater & Gordon (via The Daily Mail), found that year three is when the average marriage really finds its groove. Why? Couples have gotten to know each better, and have become more accepting of flaws. They're likely pre-kids, but full of joyful anticipation thinking about it. And they're probably reveling in being DINKs (Dual Income No Kids), with money to spend on home improvements.

But if the third year is the easiest, which year is the hardest? The survey found that many couples struggle in year five, when kids and flourishing careers make competing demands on a couple’s relationship. The survey also found that the seven year itch is a real thing; couples reported that seven years in is “the wall,” which, if scaled, bodes well for a long marriage.

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