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Mandy Moore breastfeeds son while dressed as older Rebecca from 'This Is Us'

“I hope he’s not going to need therapy for this later,” she joked.
/ Source: TODAY

The cast and crew of “This Is Us” may be done working for a little while, but for new mom Mandy Moore, the work never quite stops. On Thursday night, the actor posted some photos and videos of herself after she wrapped shooting the fifth season of the hit NBC drama, including one clip of her breastfeeding 2-month-old son August.

“That’s a wrap on season five,” she said in a video on her Instagram story while still in makeup as the older version of her character, Rebecca Pearson.

In the clip, her son’s hand rests on her chest while she breastfeeds him.

Mandy Moore, in character as Rebecca from “This Is Us,” breastfeeds her son after wrapping the show’s fifth season.mandymooremm / Instagram

“Now I’m just feeding my child. I hope he’s not going to need therapy for this later,” she said.

A few slides after, Moore, who turned 37 last month, was ready to call it a night but not before expressing how fortunate she is to be a part of “This Is Us.”

“Just got home, got into bed and feeling really grateful. I cannot believe we’ve done 88 episodes of television,” she said.

She continued to marvel at how lucky she feels while “This Is Us” and a football jersey with the word “Pearson” flashed below her on the screen.

“It is beyond my wildest dreams and comprehension, and just feeling incredibly grateful to have a job that I am so fulfilled by, and so grateful to all of you who continue to watch and support the work that all of us are doing, especially during such strange times over this past year,” she said. “So thanks for hanging in there with us and more to come.”

Moore returned to work on “This Is Us” one month after giving birth. A few weeks after that, she opened up about the challenges of breastfeeding.

“Home from work at 2am and been up for a bit feeding and trying to sort through this clogged duct,” she wrote on her Instagram story at the time. “I have a suspicion it's from being back at work and pumping more often than having him on the boob during the day. All good!”