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'The man who taught me how to love': 7 timeless quotes about fatherhood

Honor the dads in your life with these moving Father's Day quotes from the TODAY Parenting Team.
/ Source: TODAY

For dads across the country, Father’s Day is an excuse to enjoy some bacon in bed. For the rest of us, it's a moment to reflect on the incredible parenting fathers do every day, from changing diapers to comforting heartbroken teens.

To celebrate these amazing men in our lives, we've gathered seven of our favorite quotes about fatherhood from the TODAY Parenting Team. Contributors shared stories of how their world has changed since becoming parents as part of the "Life Changes" challenge this month.

What memories of your dad or partner do you treasure? Join the conversation by becoming a member of the TODAY Parenting Team, and like our Facebook page for more heartwarming updates from TODAY Parents. Happy Father's Day!

1. "The man who taught me how to love" —Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna Bush Hager Goerge W Bush Father's Day quotes isnpirational Today Show
Jenna Bush Hager / TODAY Parenting Team

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2. "The power of a dad... is unmatched" —Justin Ricklefs

Father's Day quotes Justin Ricklefs inspirational dad
Justin Ricklefs / TODAY Parenting Team

3. Dad's car is just "so much cooler" —Siri Daly (Carson's wife and mother of their three children.)

Carson Daly Siri Daly Father's Day quotes inspirational Today Show
Siri Daly / TODAY Parenting Team

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4. "My knight in pleated armor" —Thriller Mom

Father's Day quotes Thriller Mom inspirational Today Show
Thriller Mom / TODAY Parenting Team

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5. Dad's real major: "fort building" —Amanda Mushro

Father's Day quotes Amanda Mushro Today Show
Amanda Mushro / TODAY Parenting Team

6. "He turned into more of a man" —Jordan McMillen

Father's Day quotes Jordan McMillen Today Show
Jordan McMillen / TODAY Parenting Team

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7. It may not be Mommy's way, but it's our way —Doyin Richards

Father's Day quotes Doyin Richards Today Show
Doyin Richards / TODAY Parenting Team