Make Dad drool! Beer ice cream and more Father's Day food gifts

Imagine Dad waking up to a six pack of beer-flavored ice cream. Happy Father's Day, indeed!

Father’s Day is coming up, which means you better get shopping this weekend if you don’t want to get stuck rummaging through picked-over shelves or paying pricey express shipping. And if your dad loves to eat—whose doesn’t?—we have plenty of picks for him.

For the beer lover: Salt & Straw six pack of beer ice cream

Portland, Ore., ice cream shop Salt & Straw is known for its off-the-wall flavors and artisanal ingredients, and starting June 1, it’s offering a “six pack” of ice creams made with craft brews from the beer-loving city. The flavors include a Smoked Hefeweizen and an IPA Upside Down Cake, with candied tangerine zest and yes, chunks of pineapple cake. Lucky for dad, the shop ships nationwide; the “Portland Beer Six Pack” will be available online through September. $75 for six pints


For the grill master: Chef Tim Love wood chip blends

If you feel like Dad is ready to step up his game at the grill, pick him up this sampler of wood chips from Texas chef Tim Love. He can try the hickory/apple for pork, the hickory/oak for chicken, and the mesquite/oak for seafood and veggies; and they work with gas or charcoal grills. $9.99 for three


For the barbecue lover: Man Can Memphis BBQ candle

If just enjoying barbecue is more Dad’s speed, send him one of these manly candles-in-a-can, which smell just like Memphis dry-rub barbecue. Every candle is made in a real soup can—the soup from which is donated to help feed the hungry at soup kitchens in four states. The company also offers other scents for food lovers, including bacon and coffee. $9.50


For the wine connoisseur: Vinnibag

The next time dad travels for business, give him a Vinnibag to stash in his suitcase—and maybe he’ll bring back a bottle of wine or craft beer to share. The reusable bags inflate with just a few breaths of air and are engineered to withstand high altitudes—and cushion bottles of pinot from exploding all over his suitcase. MacGyver-types will also quickly figure out the bags can be used as ice packs or as water-proof bags for smart phones. $28


For the chili lover: Kobenstyle casserole

Before you scoff at the idea of getting him a 1950s-style casserole dish, check out this bold pot—and just think of how great his prized chili will look in it. The red dish is a reintroduction of a 1956 classic from designer Jens Quistgaard, whose work is a part of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art collection. And it’s practical: The handle is easy to grasp, and the enamel-coated stamped steel can go in the oven, on the stove or in the freezer. $100


For the pizza fan: Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter

Talk about timely—if Dad is a sci-fi guy, Star Trek is probably on his brain right now, with the recent release of “Star Trek Into Darkness”. Pick him up a pizza, tickets to the 3-D show and pair it all with this pizza cutter that doubles as an officially licensed model of the Enterprise. $22.99

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For the health nut: Restaurant-style juice press

A resolve to start making fresh juice can quickly fizzle out—too much work, too much cleanup. Encourage dad to get the day off to a healthful start with this extra-large, heavy-duty cast-iron model from Alpine Cuisine, which produces lots of juice with minimal work and is easy to clean. Plus, it looks pretty cool on the counter. $89.99


For the outdoor host: Land’s End canvas cooler

If your dad is always the type to be hosting or heading to a backyard barbecue or picnic, get him this easy-to-lug canvas cooler that’s much more stylish than his heavy old plastic cooler. The liner is leak-proof and the sturdy canvas stays upright. $39.50


For the sushi addict: Compact chopsticks

Dads who are sticklers about eating with chopsticks, not plastic forks, will appreciate these portable chopsticks that he can keep handy in his office drawer. When collapsed, they’re just 4 inches long, but he can pull them out of their stainless-steel handle and flip them around to form a full-length pair; the doubles as a chopstick rest. $16