Macklemore sleeps alongside his baby, melts hearts on Instagram

Even famous rappers have to turn into nappers at some point. And in Macklemore's case, having his baby with him while they rest up makes for some seriously cute pictures.

Over the past week, the "Thrift Shop" artist, otherwise known as Ben William Haggerty, posted two pictures of himself chilling out with his 5-month-old daughter Sloane on Instagram and the response has been enormous.

The first one, in which he writes he's taking a "Break in between shots during 'Downtown' music video" shows the pair almost, but not quite deep into, their zzzs.

Break in between shots during Downtown music video. Photo: @zoerainphoto

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And the second, on which he writes "There is nothing better," features the swaddled little one next to him in bed, with both of them happily in dreamland.

There is nothing better

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It's super adorable, to be sure, but bear in mind: Doctors say it's safest for a baby to sleep alone in a crib, on their backs. Soft bedding, blankets and pillows should be removed from the sleeping area.

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