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Luke Hemsworth reveals 'the best part about being a dad'

Luke Hemsworth opened up about his brothers, Chris and Liam, and the hardest part about raising kids in Hollywood.
/ Source: TODAY

After years of staying out of the spotlight while his brothers Chris and Liam took over Hollywood, Luke Hemsworth is finally making his mark after landing a role on hit HBO series "Westworld." Though he’s excited to show off his acting chops, the 36-year-old admitted he’s still just an Australian beach bum.

“I am more of a 'throw on hat on and leave the salt and the sand in your hair' kind of guy,” Luke told TODAY. “It’s very Aussie even though I’m living in California.”

Luke Hemsworth
Luke Hemsworth joined Old Spice on May 11 to show guys how to achieve a "Hair" of confidence.Diane Bondareff / AP

In fact, when deciding where to live in Los Angeles, the father of four wanted to retain the laidback beach vibe of his childhood and chose to live in Malibu. “I love the beach and I want my kids to be involved with the beach,” he said. “And they’re in a great school that feels like an Australian school, so I think the values I want them to learn are still all the same. They’re not expecting the good life.”

The Melbourne native added, “They have chores; they have to work in order to be rewarded. I don’t think that would change even if though I’m living in Hollywood. But, we do have to deal with new things, like the paparazzi, and it’s something I try to shield them from as much as possible.”

Of course, another way Luke keeps grounded is by spending time with his family. “When Chris is around, the kids will have playdates,” he said at the Old Spice Swagger Gel event in NYC on May 11, where he got some styling tips from celebrity groomer Benjamin Thigpen. “They have always been really close and they are always really excited to see each other. But, Chris lives in Australia, so it’s kind of few and far between.”

Luckily, uncle Liam is close by and loves spending time with his nieces. “We see Liam all of the time,” said Luke. “He’s a great and wonderful uncle. He has a pool, so we are over there any time it’s hot or on those days when it’s windy. It’s beautiful.”

Though the proud dad has built a life he loves in Los Angeles, the fame and acting work sometimes takes him away from his family. “Being away is definitely the hardest part,” he said. “My middle daughter just learned to ride her bike while I was away and it’s hard missing those moments.”

Luke added, “I am amazed every day, every week, how much it changes. Just when I think I have got them figured out or I figured out their personalities, they do something that surprises me. That’s the best part about being a dad.”


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