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Ludacris explains how he made it to his baby's birth, just in time

The rapper and his wife Eudoxie welcomed their second child together on July 28.
/ Source: TODAY

Ludacris welcomed his fourth daughter over the summer, but he was almost too late to see her enter the world.

In an interview with the 3rd Hour of TODAY on Thursday, the proud dad shared the story of his baby girl Chance Oyali Bridges' birth and explained that he was halfway across the country when his wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue went into labor.

"I was shooting a movie with Queen Latifah that's coming out on Netflix next year and I was in New Mexico. What happened was the wife called me and was like 'You need to get to Atlanta right now,'" he recalled.

At this point, it was already afternoon on the West coast and the rapper couldn't find a commercial flight out of New Mexico that would allow him to arrive in time. So he had to get a little creative.

"Humbly speaking, I have (had) my own plane for a long time, so I had to call my uncle, who's my pilot, to fly from Atlanta immediately to come get me in New Mexico in order to come back," he said. "And I made it two hours right before it was time."

The newborn is Ludacris and Eudoxie's second child together. Their other daughter, Cadence, is now 6 years old. The rapper also has two other daughters from previous relationships: Karma, 20, and Cai, 7.

The father of four, 44, spoke with TODAY about his new Netflix show, "Karma's World," which was inspired by his eldest daughter. Karma is now attending Spelman College and Ludacris said he was thrilled that she chose to go to a school that's close to home.

"I was like 'Yes!' because I can still drive and she's within arm's reach and (I can) go check on her, make sure all the boys are in check," he said.

TODAY's Al Roker got a kick out of that comment and replied, "I'm sure Karma loves that."

The 44-year-old also gave the TODAY co-hosts an inside look at what it's really like to be the only man in his household.

"I have 22 acres of land and I go outside as much as I possibly can and pretty much this house is theirs. So I pretty much live outside," he said.