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'Love Poems for People with Children' book offers hilarious look into parenting

Parenthood changes everything, and the best thing to do is laugh about it.
/ Source: TODAY

Author John Kenney says becoming a parent changed everything for him and his wife of 13 years.

And, for Kenney, the best way to process his feelings about parenting two kids, ages 10 and 7, was to write a hilarious book of snarky poetry titled "Love Poems for People with Children."

The book addresses the funny-but-true parts of parenting, from juggling responsibilities with your partner, to enduring kids' many sporting events and performances when you'd sometimes rather be elsewhere.

Love Poems by John Kenney
In a new book titled "Love Poems for People with Children," John Kenney gets real (and funny) about the realities of parenthood. Getty Images \ Putnam Books

In a poem titled "Good Job," Kenney, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, drops a bit of truth on an unsuspecting 5-year-old.

"You want to know the truth? You didn't do a very good job in soccer. You let that little weaselly kid get by you and score ... and Meryl Streep you're not. The teacher had to feed you the lines which were, frankly, unconvincing."

"Love Poems for People with Children," by John Kenney

Another, titled "Previously on Useless Man," offers a glimpse into parenting most couples can relate to.

"We see the woman making lunches, helping with last-minute homework, tying shoes, packing backpacks, spooning cereal. We see the man on the toilet on his iPad."

Kenney, whose first book of poetry "Love Poems for Married People" was released in 2018, says while his second book doesn't reflect any real-life incidents in his home, many of his poems have a ring of truth.

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"What changes when you have kids is everything," Kenney told TODAY Parents. "The life you knew is radically changed. You may feel a tingling in the back of your head from profound fatigue. It is not uncommon to wear clothing in public that smells of spit-up. The people at the wine store know you on a first-name basis. Little things like that."

So what does Kenney's wife think of his poetry?

"I'm told through her divorce attorneys that she likes the book very much," Kenney joked. "That's a lie. My wife's name should really be on the cover of the book with mine ... With both books, we would sit and line-edit them. She's only too happy to read something and tell me it's not good."