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Lost teddy has un-bear-ably cute search for family at Royal Sask. Museum

If you were a teddy bear lost in a museum, what would you do?
/ Source: TODAY

If you were a teddy bear lost in a museum, what would you do?

When the staff at Regina's Royal Saskatchewan Museum found a lost teddy bear in their building last week, they decided to try and answer that question. Their strategy — using social media to document the bear's "journey" around the museum while putting out callouts to track down the bear's family.

“The bear looked like he was well loved and we thought it would be good to use social media to try and get out to the family that we have their bear,” gallery interpreter Jenna Cannon told

The museum launched its search with a tweet saying: “Did your teddy bear go missing? He’s here and we think he wants to go home. #Megamunch is too scary. #lostbear.”

Since that first tweet, with the help of museum staff, Lost Bear is leaving no exhibit unturned and has even made several friends at the museum. He was photographed meeting the wolves and black bears, lying in the jaws of an Omaciaw and checking out some large clay pots.

“We thought it would be a fun and easy way, and a different way, to take the initiative to find the owner,” said Cannon.

As Lost Bear's journey has continued throughout the week, he's learned that there's unfortunately no honey to be found in the museum's pots and the black bears seemed to be hibernating.

While Lost Bear does seem to be having fun around the museum, he desperately wants to find his family. The museum staff and members of the community are working together to get Lost Bear back home.

The Vancouver Police even joined the conversation on Twitter.

While he waits for his family, Lost Bear continues to be photographed around the museum and has also made some new friends. Paddington Bear even invited him to a movie premiere where they bonded by coloring, playing with Legos, and meeting many new friends.

“He’s quite the celebrity in town now, and pretty quickly too,” said Cannon.

While Lost Bear has had the adventure of a lifetime, he’s ready to find his way back home. We’ll be waiting in hopes that the rightful owner comes to Lost Bear’s rescue.