Lori Loughlin says working away from home forced teenage daughters to grow up

"Fuller House" star Lori Loughlin used to work close to her own house for the sake of her kids, but now she believes working away from home might be an even bigger benefit to her daughters.

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Lori Loughlin: I was only supposed to work on 'When Calls the Heart' for 1 day

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Lori Loughlin: I was only supposed to work on 'When Calls the Heart' for 1 day

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"When my kids were little, I always made a point to be home more," she explained during a Wednesday morning visit to TODAY. "I chose my jobs to be in L.A. But now the work has really left L.A."

These days Loughlin spends much of her time in Vancouver, filming for her Hallmark series "When Calls the Heart," and she doesn't mind the distance.

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"What I think has been great for my girls as teenagers is, first of all, to see your mom working and doing something that she loves, I think, is inspiring for them," she said. "Secondly ... it has forced them to grow up, but in a good way."

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Even though Olivia, 17, and Isabella, 18, have their father around while mom's away, they're still learning a measure of independence.

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"They go to the market themselves; they know how to cook now; they are taking care of themselves," Loughlin raved. "They need to do that anyway. So actually, I think it's been a really nice blessing."

There were certainly no complaints from Olivia, who joined her mom on TODAY, and even took part in some Facebook Live fun after the on-air segment ended.

During the extra feature, Loughlin took questions about the casts of her two TV hits and shared some revealing answers about who was most likely to steal a show prop (John Stamos), bring along a famous visitor to the set (John Stamos) or spend time on social media (several of them, including John Stamos).

As for Olivia, she shared her own favorite on-set moment, when she tricked a "Fuller House" warm-up guy into thinking she was her mother's biggest Australian superfan.