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A little trim: See the disastrous 'do's these mischievous tots gave themselves

After video of a Florida toddler's response to why she cut her hair went viral, we asked for photos of your kids' hair mishaps.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Toddlers just can't resist a shiny pair of scissors left unattended. So it's not uncommon for parents to experience the shock of finding their little ones standing in piles of their own hair in front of the mirror after giving in to the temptation to play hairdresser.

There's not much left to do in the face of self-inflicted mullets and chopped-off bangs other than laugh — and grab a camera, of course.

After 3-year-old Ansleigh Clark's tearful explanation of her new 'do went viral earlier this month, TODAY Parents asked Facebook users to share photos of their own kids' mishaps with scissors. The result was a humorous collection of uneven bobs, impressive bald spots and cringe-worthy buzz cuts, the best of which we share here.

"She cut her hair because she couldn't find me, her Dad was asleep on the couch, and she said her hair was in her face. BUT it was ok because she used the child safety scissors and threw the hair in the trash so she didn't make a mess. Best part? We had family pictures scheduled 2 hours later. I nearly died."Facebook / Danielle Fuller
"My daughter gave herself this haircut last week. I about died. She proudly declared that she cut it like Caillou (the annoying, bald cartoon character). When asked after the fact what she thought when she looked in the mirror and saw what she had done, she said, 'I thought I looked fab. I was like, "Oh, wow! I look amazing!"' The sad face was because I made her cover up her masterpiece with a headband."Facebook / Stephanie Klindt Cook
"Before bedtime one night, after he turned off his electric tooth brush, from the other room we heard a different buzzing and realized too late that our 5 yr old found my husband's beard trimmer."Facebook / Monica Gallagher Lamoureux
"My niece Hailie. First pic is her with her beautiful long hair, the other three are after she decided to give herself a beautiful mullet and her excuse was that her bangs were in her eyes."Facebook / Brandi Lynn Champeau
"Our neighbor decided to give my 5 year old daughter bangs!!! Just after we finally grew them all out!!"Facebook / Julie Orient Sergent
"My son in first grade. Yes, he had to go to school that way the next day then to the barber! Said he wanted a haircut."Facebook / Ciera Carr
"He wanted his hair to match his daddy's! I found him in the playroom with my peanut trimmers cutting off all his pretty red hair!"Facebook / Natalie Bradford LeBaron
"Mommy, is it REALLY messed up?"Facebook / Cindie Sorenson-Batterman
"My 4 yr old did this a couple weeks ago. I was just telling my friend that I was going to let it grow out because he has pretty wavy hair. We get home, I go into the kitchen to finish cooking dinner about 5 mins later he comes down stairs so happy and excited and exclaims 'mom, do you like my nice new hair cut?' I almost had a heart attack. I ran to the bathroom and there was a huge mess of wet hair every where because he tried to clean up his mess. What I didn't realize right away was that he cut the sides too....and one side he cut so short, he left a small bald spot."Facebook / Jennifer Dominguez
"He wanted a Mohawk. He used 'daddy's brush' aka clippers."Facebook / Elisa von Heimburg-Bryant
"My 5 year old son. Priceless."Facebook / Anne Bisaha Lembcke
The other side of the story ...
Nothing to see here ...Facebook / Suzanne Robbins
"Busted!"Facebook / Kerri Beardsley
Evidence.Facebook / Lacey Whyte