Little kid buys pizza with dad's credit card, leaves cutest receipt ever

Domino's receipt

Jewel Cowart deals with credit card receipts all day in her job as a cashier at Domino's Pizza, but one customer's signature last week managed to melt her heart.

"This child walked into the store with as much confidence as an adult," Cowart, 16, told of a little kid who came into the Domino's in Temple, Texas, where she works.

The bold little boy, who was accompanied by his father, was actually something of a regular.


"He smiled and said to me, 'I'm here to pick up an order for Thomas Jefferson!'" Cowart recalled. "Coincidentally, I had been his cashier a few days prior, too, and remembered him because before he had ordered under Abraham Lincoln."

Cowart says she smiled and told the little boy his total, and he pulled a credit card out of his shorts and swiped it.

When it came time for the receipts to print, she handed over two copies, one for him to sign, and one for the store to keep. After getting a nod from his dad, he proceeded to sign it — and that's when some serious cuteness ensued.

Jewel Cowart at the Domino's pizza where she works.Today

"The boy turned, took the pen, and signed 'dad' as clear as day, and proud as ever," she said. "He then took his pizzas, and said, 'Have a nice day ma'am,' and walked out."

The interaction was almost too sweet for Cowart to bear.

"At first, I had this overwhelming feeling of adoration and I wanted to squeeze this child into a hug, and then I came to realize the child didn't even realize how cute it was," she said. "He simply thought he was signing for his father."

Cowart showed the copy of the receipt with the adorable signature to her brother, who posted it to Reddit, where it quickly went viral.

While she'd been bowled over by the cuteness herself, she couldn't believe the reaction online.

"At first, I was even hesitant to let my brother post the photocopy of the receipt to Reddit," she said.

"The next morning, when the picture had received so many likes I was in shock!"