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By Marisa Kabas

A little girl has realized early on in life that being adorable gets you everywhere — especially when it comes to explaining how on earth a cow ended up in your house.

In a YouTube video making the rounds this week after it surfaced on Reddit, 5-year-old Breanna is caught in an adorable web of lies as her off-camera mother, Billie Jo Decker, asks just how the family's pet cow made it into the back porch of the house. As she defends herself, Breanna uses classic techniques like misdirection and distraction to get her mother off her trail, but Decker remains unconvinced.

After a while, when it becomes apparent that her mother is no fool, Breanna uses the only tool left at her disposal: her cuteness. She snuggles up on the floor with the cow, and creates a photo opp so adorable no one can resist her charms.

As the video, which was originally posted in April, went viral this week, the family found themselves in the spotlight — and the mom was quick to defend her child against critics.

"My daughter absolutely loves her animals and has a gift communicating with each one," Decker wrote on YouTube.