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This little girl's 'headless' costume wins Halloween

A 2-year-old girl from the Philippines set the bar high for Halloween with a costume showing her carrying her own severed head.
/ Source: TODAY

The best part of this little girl's costume is where you put the candy.

A 2-year-old girl named Maya freaked people out with a Halloween getup that featured her holding her own severed head in her hands.

The girl's mother, Krystel Hwang, made the costume herself for Maya, who had people doing double takes while trick-or-treating in the Philippines on Saturday. The video has been watched nearly 20 million times on Facebook.

"People gave second looks when they saw it," Hwang, who lives about an hour south of Manila, told Coconuts Manila. "They were amazed how it was even possible, but in the end, they all think it’s cute and very smart."

What also put her head and shoulders above the competition is that her "severed neck" hole doubled as her candy bucket.

Maya wasn't the only scary member of the family as her 6-year-old sister, Charlie, dressed as a butcher.

A pre-costume photo of the process shows that when Maya is not terrifying people, she is an adorable little girl willing to wear layers of duct tape to pull off her spooky costume.

"What a trooper!" her mom wrote.

We can only wonder what Maya has in store for us next year.