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This little girl's coronavirus rant perfectly sums up life in a pandemic

Her dad sweetly reminded her that the McDonald's drive-thru is still open — but that wasn't enough to lift Blake's mood.
/ Source: TODAY

Blake McLennan, a little girl from Phoenix, Arizona, is not feeling the coronavirus lockdown.

In a video recorded in March, which went viral over the weekend, the then-4-year-old goes on a rant about not having access to her favorite foods and activities — and honestly, we can all still relate four months later.

"So we talked to the kids tonight about what’s happening in the world," Blake's dad, Ben McLennan, captioned the clip on his Facebook page. "#BlakeHaven had quite the reaction! Watch to the end. It ends on a positive note."

The video shows Blake, who turned 5 in May, wearing a bib and sitting at a table with a bowl in front of her. Her frustration is visible on her face from the very beginning.

"Everything in this world has shut all the way down," she says, her voice shaking with tears. "The ice cream truck is shut down!"

"We can't go anywhere! Not even McDonald's, which is my favorite restaurant," she exclaims, getting increasingly worked up.

"You can pick up McDonald's in the drive-thru," her dad offers. But little Blake shakes her head at the suggestion.

"No you can't," she answers as her parents chuckle in the background.

"You can go in the drive-thru, but you can't go in the playground," her dad explains.

"It's really frustrating!" Blake cries, gesturing to emphasize her words. "If you go through the drive-thru, that's boring ... If you were inside playing on the playground, it wouldn't be boring."

Blake McLennan, 5, went on a rant about the coronavirus lockdown in March, and it went viral over the weekend.
Blake McLennan, 5, went on a rant about the coronavirus lockdown in March, and it went viral over the weekend.Courtesy of Ben McLennan

What McLennan caught on camera was actually only a portion of his daughter's speech, the father of six told TODAY. Back in March, after spring break finished, he and his wife informed their kids that school would not be back in session.

When Blake found out that dance class, her favorite activity, was also canceled indefinitely, she ranted for seven whole minutes. About three minutes in, her dad realized it was too good not to capture on camera.

"Blake is always outspoken, but this was something different," McLennan said. "She really took the shutdown hard and needed to verbally process it."

When he originally posted the video, he never expected it to go viral.

"It’s been amazing. We’ve had so many people reach out and say she put into words what we all feel. Everyone is commenting, 'Mood,'" he added.

Since the video was recorded, Blake has adjusted somewhat to life during the pandemic.

The McLennan family is quarantining together "the best they know how," dad Ben McLennan told TODAY.
The McLennan family is quarantining together "the best they know how," dad Ben McLennan told TODAY.Courtesy of Ben McLennan

"She’s doing great. The whole family is doing well," McLennan said. He and Bex McLennan are also parents to Birdie, 12, Braxton, 8, Brooks, 6, Beau, 18 months, and Blu, 17 months.

"It’s been an adjustment. We’re all at home all the time," he continued. "We were a taxi service for dance, drama, baseball, jujutsu. Now, we eat dinner together every night and play board games."

But Blake is still eager to get back to her everyday business.

"We’ve had McDonalds and Chick-fil-A through the drive-thru, but she misses going in and playing on the playground," her dad said. "She misses dance class a lot. With everything still in lockdown, we’ve just been quaran-teaming as a family the best we know how."

McLennan hopes the video will bring a smile to people's faces in what's been a difficult, lonely time for so many.

"We told (Blake) the whole world is being encouraged by her words," he said.