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Little girl recalls periodic table elements for Ellen DeGeneres, blows our minds

Asked if she can read, Brielle told DeGeneres, "no, not yet, but I'm sounding out words."
/ Source: TODAY

She's just 3 years old, but young Brielle can recite the entire periodic table — and she just schooled Ellen DeGeneres on the significance of its elements.

The pigtailed California cutie also knows her state capitals, as well as every country in Europe and Africa. She also can recite all of the American presidents, of whom Barack Obama is her favorite because “he was president when I was born.”

Asked if she can read, Brielle told DeGeneres, "no, not yet, but I’m sounding out words.”

DeGeneres joked that she is too.

But the 3-year-old appeared on the talk show Monday mainly to show off her periodic table proficiency. Not only can she identify each element, she can explain their characteristics.

She corrected DeGeneres’ pronunciation of strontium, as only a 3-year-old could, and explained that phosphorous is “a chameleon” element that can burn under water.

“Isn’t that crazy?” she said.

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DeGeneres, both impressed and stunned by the girl's recall ability, asked Brielle how she can remember everything she knows.

“My little brain just remembers," she told her.

So that means adults have no excuse for forgetting where they parked their car or left their keys.

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