This little girl really shaved her head to become Eleven from 'Stranger Things'

/ Source: TODAY

Halloween is a really big deal in NBC reporter Tracy Connor's house, and store-bought costumes are openly discouraged in favor of a more creative approach.

But even Connor was flabbergasted when she heard what her 10-year-old daughter, Charlie, planned to do this year.

Tracy Connor's daughter Charlie went all in with her "Stranger Things" costume!Courtesy of Tracy Connor

Charlie wanted to fully commit to transforming herself into Eleven from the popular Netflix show, "Stranger Things." So she went ahead and shaved her head, and Connor tweeted the epic photo.

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"We started watching 'Stranger Things' a few weeks ago and she is in love with the show," Connor told TODAY. "She just announced that she wanted to be Eleven and cut off all her hair."

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in 'Stranger Things' on Netflix.Courtesy of Netflix

Charlie initially had shoulder-length hair, but, as she told the barber, she wanted "a buzzcut" in order to legitimize her evolution into Eleven. When the barber initially hesitated and gave her a crewcut instead, she had no problem probing him.

"I think you need to use the clippers," she said, according to Connor.

Charlie shaved her head for her costume. Now that's dedication!Courtesy of Tracy Connor

Parents, if you're freaking out, you're certainly in good company. Connor said she had her fair share of "freaking out."

"When she first came up with the idea, I thought, 'Whatever, it's her hair,'" began Connor. "But I also thought there was no way she was actually going to go through with it!"

But Charlie stuck to her guns and it made for one amazing costume!

Charlie before her haircut!Courtesy of Tracy Connor

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"She went as Dolly Parton yesterday at a Halloween party," she told TODAY. "For school today, she dressed as Eleven. I should just be thankful she didn't ask for real implants as Dolly Parton!"

Charlie is ready for her costume!Courtesy of Tracy Connor

When Connor dropped Charlie off at school, the other kids gathered around with their mouths hanging open.

One girl immediately said, "You didn't actually have to do that. You could've gotten a wig."

Charlie quickly replied that she'd wanted the ensemble to be authentic.

"She's a great kid," said Connor. "She really marches to the beat of her own drummer."