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Little girl lets out laughably loud shriek when playdate goes in for goodbye hug

A little boy goes in for a goodbye hug at the urging of his dad. Not so fast!
/ Source: TODAY

Grown-up dates and child playdates — turns out they've got more in common than you think.

Like when your adult date goes in for a kiss. You may politely turn your cheek and mention you've got to get home to feed your cats or empty the dishwasher or clean your andirons (no fireplace needed).

Similarly, when your playdate goes in for a hug, you may tilt your head toward the moon, let out a bloodcurdling scream and run for the hills.

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OK, so maybe they're a little different. And frankly, we haven't all been there. But we've had similar enough grown-up experiences to understand the sentiment behind the little girl in this video's laughably loud shriek when her playdate, a little boy, tries to give her a hug at the urging of his dad.

The real victim here, of course, is that poor little boy. He suspected those "I missed nap-time" vibes meant a full-on hug might be regrettable, so he opted instead for a simple wave in front of her face and a loud "BYE!"

But his dad pushed him to go for a squeeze.

Next time, little guy, trust your gut. Meanwhile we'll keep replaying this as a reminder that the struggle is more than real — it's universal.