Little girl at Disney not impressed by Snow White — her dad tells us why

/ Source: TODAY

Few things can get between a girl and her mac and cheese. As it turns out, a Disney princess isn't one of them.

A video has been making the rounds this week of Kaylin Hunter, 2, looking adorably miserable at Disney World. In the clip, Kaylin ignores an enthusiastic Snow White's attempts to befriend her — much to the amusement of thousands of viewers (and her dad, who filmed the encounter).

The family lives in Largo, Florida, and visits Disney World often. Katrell Hunter, Kaylin's dad, says she "loves everything about (Disney)," but she's occasionally suspicious of the park's life-size princesses.

"If a character doesn’t look exactly like the cartoon, she has a problem with it," Hunter, 46, told TODAY. "If it's someone in a Tigger costume, where it looks exactly like Tigger, she loves it. If it's someone wearing makeup and a dress, she gets weird about it."

Katrell Hunter, Kaylin's dad, says she's "a wonderfully happy baby ... most of the time."Katrell Hunter

This particular interaction took place at a princess luncheon on Mother's Day. Snow White wasn't the only one to get the cold shoulder.

"I took picture after picture, hoping to get a nice picture smiling with one of these characters," said Hunter. "She kept giving each of them the same look."

For the family, part of the hilarity was the departure from Kaylin's usual temperament.

"My beautiful little sunshine ray of light Kaylin ... has a wonderful smile, 99.9 percent of the time," her dad explained. "She's never making that kind of a pose, which is why it was funny to us."

He added, "She blows kisses to strangers — hugs, kisses, and smiles, I want everyone to know that she’s a wonderfully happy baby who loves everyone most of the time."

Hey, we get it, Kaylin — we don't like being told to smile either.

And we definitely don't like it when people come between us and a plate of carbs.