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Little boy catches fish with a toy rod: 'I got one!'

/ Source: TODAY

This little one might not have the proper gear, but that certainly doesn't stop him from "tackling" a fish.

In this video, an adorably tiny boy stuns his family (and himself!) with a completely unexpected feat while fishing in Hanceville, Alabama, according to user-generated video site Jukin Media.

Within seconds of casting his plastic toy rod into the water, the young fisherman-in-training manages to hook a fish — prompting a cheerful shout from his surprised father.

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"He's got one! Reel it in, son... Look at it jumping!"

The toddler can't hold back his sweet laughter as he reels in a largemouth bass. "I got one!" he giggles, turning the plastic knob as fast as his tiny fingers and plastic rod will allow.

At one point, when the fish gets stuck in the weeds, the youngster asks his dad to step in and help. But instead of taking over, the sweet father, who appears to want his son to learn he can do it on his own, offers words of encouragement and directs the boy to step back.

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Eventually, the little one manages to pull the fish to the top of the bank.

The video ends with the boy proudly holding his catch — as a little girl, presumably his sister, remarks that it's how "a man holds it!"