'Shake It Off': Lip-syncing dad and son channel Taylor Swift in viral video

Sean and Chris O'Malley lip-sync to Taylor Swift in a family video
Sean and Chris O'Malley lip-sync to Taylor Swift in a family video.YouTube
By Terri Peters

When they’re lip-syncing in the car on a road trip and Taylor Swift comes on, what are two macho guys to do?

For Georgia father Chris O’Malley, the answer was simple – just “Shake It Off” and keep on recording.

The result: an adorable father-son lip syncing video featuring son Sean, 15, that has gone viral with its smirk-filled rendition of the Taylor Swift hit “Shake It Off.”

In the video, Chris and Sean are rocking out to a Guns N' Roses song when their playlist switches to the pop tune. 

“Rocking out to GNR is definitely macho, but it’s hard to be tough singing a T Swift song. We just rolled with it and shook it off,” O’Malley told TODAY Parents.

O’Malley says the lip-syncing road-trip videos started as a way to pass time with his 17-year-old daughter, Briana, on a five-hour car ride to visit friends. With his son in the back seat playing songs through his iPod, the family created several videos and posted them to Facebook. Friends suggested O’Malley post the videos to YouTube and the rest is O’Malley family history.

O’Malley says it’s important for parents to have fun with their teens.

“I think a wall is there, and just being silly and cutting loose takes those walls down and gets teens talking,” said O’Malley.

“I hope this video encourages more parents to do fun stuff with their kids, and I hope teenagers can get over being cool for a minute and goof off with Mom and Dad.”