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Lily-Rose Depp on whether she'd work with dad Johnny again: 'Never say never'

Having grown up with Johnny Depp as a dad, Lily-Rose Depp is keeping her options open as her acting career progresses.
/ Source: TODAY

Lily-Rose Depp is the daughter of a very famous Hollywood actress you might have heard of: Johnny Depp. But while she's carving out an acting career away from her father's very big shadow, she has occasionally appeared in a project or two with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star.

Lily-Rose Depp and Johnny Depp.Getty Images

Depp, 21, got one of her earliest parts in a Kevin Smith film featuring her dad, 2014's "Tusk." She was only credited as a Girl Clerk (and not even Girl Clerk #1, but #2!). But two years later, she and Johnny, 57, finally had more significant roles in the same picture: 2016's "Yoga Hosers."

But would she ever do it again?

"Never say never," the "Voyagers" star told "Entertainment Tonight" in a new interview.

But, she added, it's not a huge priority right now. "That's not really something I consider first and foremost," she said. "What's interesting to me is (whether) the particular character that I may or may not be playing, and then the story that it's telling and everything."

Lily-Rose Depp (r.) with dad Johnny (c.) and Harley Rose in "Yoga Hosers."Courtesy Everett Collection

Lily-Rose is the daughter of Depp and his former partner Vanessa Paradis, and she's grown up in the very bright spotlight of celebrity. She's visited her dad at work, and even had a harrowing experience when she was 8 on the set of 2007's "Sweeney Todd." And, as she noted in the interview, she's learned how to be introspective at an early age about the direction she wants her life to take.

Tye Sheridan with Depp in "Voyagers."Lions Gate / Courtesy Everett Collection

"I would never think it beneficial to arrive at a place where you're just like, 'I'm good. I've made my bad choices and my good choices, and now I'm good,'" she said. "I think that life is just always a search, a quest for goodness and (asking,) 'How can I be better and be better for myself and for the people in my life?'"

But back to that original question: When will we see another daddy-daughter pairing on the screen, big or little? The actor makes sure to keep all her options open. As she noted, "I love to work with great actors."