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Lilliana Vazquez announces pregnancy after 6-year IVF journey

The E! host revealed she's expecting with a series of heartfelt Instagram videos.
/ Source: TODAY

Lilliana Vazquez has shared the happy news that she's pregnant and expecting her first child after spending six difficult years undergoing a roller coaster of emotions with IVF treatments.

The 40-year-old E! host looks absolutely glowing in an Instagram video shot on the beach where she cradles her baby bump and holds hands with her husband, Patrick McGrath. In a voiceover next to images of the couple's pregnancy journey, Vazquez speaks directly to her unborn child, whom she nicknamed "Baby M."

"Before you were our blessing. Our tiny miracle. You were so much more. You were our teacher. Our guide to understanding that life’s greatest gifts often come from heartbreak, patience and pure hope. Over the last six years you've shown us how to grieve and grow. The power of prayer. And that faith arrives when you face your biggest fears. Through it all, you transformed me from a woman to a warrior and showed me that there’s freedom in forgiveness," she says. "Not just for others, but for myself above all else."

Vazquez shared a candid second video montage that shows her injecting hormones into her stomach and directly speaking to the camera about her challenges as she was trying to get pregnant.

"I think when you are going through IVF, it's all about options. I cannot stress that enough," she says in a voiceover as the video shows her syringes, hormones and another pregnancy test. "You just want to give yourself all the options that you can to be successful."

While it was a challenging road, Vazquez didn't ever want to give up.

"Each failed cycle and transfer tried to break us, but firm in our faith and love for you, we surrendered to our greatest wish of all, just to be your parents," she says, addressing her unborn child.

Vazquez told People she's nearly six months pregnant.

"I'm 40 years old and I'm pregnant for the first time, and so I think when you've experienced so much loss ... it hardens you and it makes you so scared," she said.

"It's heartbreaking to say, but for the first trimester every day, I was like, 'Is today the last day I'm going to be pregnant?' " she added. "It took a long time for me to get out of that phase to feel like, 'Okay, Lilliana, you can't be afraid. You have to let this feel like what it is, which is a miracle.'"

It's a joy she's now thrilled to share with the world.

In a final video on Instagram, the elated parents-to-be, who have been married for 13 years, smile, laugh and hold hands on the beach as they show a sonogram of the child and Vazquez narrates their joy.

"You spent the last six years living in our dreams and in our hearts, but now here you are. We can't wait to welcome you to the world, Baby M!"