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Lil Nas X explained 'coming out of the closet' to kids, and it was pretty funny

The conversation with the "Old Town Road" rapper took a hilarious turn when the kids took him literally.
/ Source: TODAY

Lil Nas X explained what it means to come out of the closet to kids, and things took a hilarious turn.

When the performer, 22, appeared on Wednesday’s episode of the kid-hosted YouTube series “Arts & Raps,” he was asked to explain the meaning of coming out of the closet.

“It means you’re like, ‘Hey everybody, I’m this thing, and you guys didn’t even know that, but now you know,” Lil Nas X, who is gay, replied.

Child actor Dilan Patton, who co-hosts the show with Zaria Kelley, responded with a story involving a literal closet.

“Me and my older cousin, he keeps pushing my brother into the closet. And we close the door and blink the lights on and off, and then say ‘666’ or ‘Bloody Mary,’” Patton revealed. “And then he swore he saw something.”

Lil Nas X attempted to keep a straight face but burst into laughter.

“That’s exactly what happened to me,” he deadpanned. “That’s exactly what I meant when I said I was coming out of the closet.”

Later in the interview, Kelley quizzes the “Old Town Road” rapper on what it means to be “unapologetically you.”

“It means just doing yourself at all costs, no matter who’s watching,” Lil Nas X explained. “It gets really hard, because everybody in the world, we always think about what everybody else is thinking about us. Sometimes, we forget to think about what we think about ourselves, you know?”

Lil Nas X came out as a member of the LGBTQ community in June 2019. He announced the news on Twitter.

Last month, Lil Nas X (real name: Montero Lamar Hill) shared a letter he wrote to himself about coming out publicly. He addressed the note to "14-year-old Montero."

"I know we promised to never come out publicly," Lil Nas X wrote, in part. "I know we promised to never be ‘that’ type of gay person, I know we promised to die with the secret, but this will open doors for many other queer people to simply exist."

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